Flylogix delivers a complete drone inspection and delivery service – without a single person setting foot offshore

Photo: Nicolas Houhier
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Oil and gas operators need accurate and timely operational data, whilst reducing the cost of offshore operations and the risk to personnel.

The Flylogix drone service is designed to deliver time-critical data, but without the cost of offshore transport and risk to staff.

Flylogix uses a unique and industry proven, safe and low cost Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone to deliver the client data.

The Flylogix complete service includes generating the appropriate safety case for regulators, obtaining permits, integrating the payload, operating the drone and managing, processing and delivering data directly to customers.


The future of remote offshore inspection

Flylogix delivers speed, versatility and low cost

  • 24/7 operation all year round
  • Operates in rain, ice or high winds
  • 160 km+ (100 mile) service radius
  • 12 hour Flylogix team mobilisation
  • Technology proven over seven years
  • Simple standby cost plus operation fee
  • 5 Kg payload – FLIR, optical, LIDAR, gas sensing
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