Accurately monitor today’s natural world for a world of energy tomorrow.


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Monitor. Measure. Manage.

At current installation rates, GWEC Market Intelligence forecasts that by 2030 we’ll have less than two-thirds of the wind energy we need to meet our climate goals.

Urgent solutions are needed to speed the consenting processes and improve the environmental assessment methods to enable the critical transition to cleaner energy.

Our environmental services are finding a sensitive balance that makes this possible — all at breakthrough cost, with the least disruption and risk to people and the planet.


Less C02 emissions*




Persons required offshore

*compared to manned aviation equivalent

Key Benefits

Sensitively speed up environmental impact assessments
Accurate flight, accurate data

Precise UAS flight obtains pinpoint data with best in class sensor performance

Low flight profiles

Safely fly at lower altitudes for greater data resolution

Minimal disturbance

Lightest and quietest footprint UAS reduce environmental disturbance

Carbon efficient

Uses significantly less C02 compared to crewed helicopter flight

Case studies

Monitoring success

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What payloads do you carry?

We work with best-in-class sensor partners to ensure we bring you the optimum data.

How big an area can you survey?

Our aircraft are all long-range fixed-wing platforms, optimised to meet the requirements of large area environmental surveys.

Can you fly in low cloud?

Our aircraft routinely fly lower than manned aviation meaning we experience less risk of mission disruption from low cloud.

Do you just fly offshore?

No.  We operate both on and offshore.

Pioneers in action

Flylogix Firsts

Flylogix are developing disruptive solutions to reduce the cost, risk and footprint of environmental survey work traditionally provided by manned aviation.

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